About Us

“He shall spurn fate, scorn death, and bear His hopes 'bove wisdom, grace and fear: And you all know, security Is mortals' chiefest enemy.”

Notions of security have been within human culture since time immemorial, and as Hecate rightly deduces of Macbeth, false perceptions of ‘security’ are a hallmark of demise.

In the modern era, what is most true of our perceptions of security is that ‘it’ is almost never solved. Our world of inter-connectedness and information democratisation, mixed with the ‘will’ of criminal intent means security must always evolve.

The evolution of security is at the heart of what we do at Systematic Security. 

From assessing your commercial infrastructure, understanding provincial factors, and developing tailored security solutions that integrate long-term life cycles, our security solutions are the result of relentless evolution.

Arriving here is not easy. However, our mix of our highly talented, technical teams’ in partnership with security’s most innovative, intelligent technology companies are how we ensure our solutions are at the tip of the spear.

Our security systems are market dominant in effectiveness and yet, cannot be bought by the general public or businesses. Our ‘authenticity,’ not capital, is our advantage. As such, this means the calibre and quality of the proprietary technology being used, and the solution for each client remains undiluted in every case. 

Applicable across almost all commercial industries & segments, we’re on call to provide security solutions for your commercial premises and assets.